Arterial Diseases

Arterial Diseasesı

It is based on the principle of opening the occluded blood vessel by surgery, balloon/stent or drug therapy. Besides open surgery is performed in our clinic, balloon and stent treatment called endovascular methods are being applied to a large extent. In particular,  many patients with no chance of surgery due to underknee vascular occlusion and high risk of limb loss are able to be successfully treated. Also in sudden vascular occlusions, clot-busting catheter applications instead of open surgery are being applied with higher success rates.

In severe and problematic carotid artery stenosis, surgical or endovascular treatments are required besides blood thinner drug therapy. Surgical methods have less risk than endovascular methods. However, in the selection of treatment, the features of the patient and the occluded blood vessel should be considered. In our clinic, treatment is applied in both ways.